rotaryclubofbrighton | 1986 – 1995. Women become a force.

1986 – 1995. Women become a force.

The fourth decade of the Rotary Club of Brighton began with a Republican and ended with a Democrat

in the White House. In the interim, we saw the Iran-Contra scandal, the Challenger disaster, the fall

of the Berlin wall, starting the disintegration of the Soviet Union and starting the Cold War thaw, the

decade-long phenomenon that was the Seinfeld Show and Whitewater, the first of many scandals

“spun” by the Clintons and the Republican takeover of Congress, led by Newt Gingrich in 1994.

From a Rotary perspective, the biggest development was women being welcomed to full membership

in 1987— the Club’s first female member was inducted in 1994. The Governor Nominee Hospitality

Program, started by Milt Matthews in 1970, celebrated it’s 25th anniversary. And through an

increasing number of projects, big and small, the Club left indelible impressions across

the Brighton community.


HARVEY STOLNITZ was elected thirtieth Club President.

The Club moved from Sugar Daddy’s Restaurant to the Renaissance Restaurant.

The Club celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the Club at Burgundy Basin Inn.

Chuck Turner was made a Paul Harris Fellow.

The Special Olympics for Handicapped were sponsored by the Club.

The Club hosted the SOBER Program (Students Of Brighton Encouraging Recovery) for Brighton High School.

The Club donated $500 for the “Rendevous” for use of the youth in the community.

Members weekly read books and newspapers as part of “Reachout Radio” for the blind.

A slide show presentation was made to eight nursing homes.

The Club mourned the death Past-President Bill Locus, and dedicated a memorial at Camp Haccamo.

Clark Wackermen received the Annual Citizens Award.

Women of Brighton Rotary were active, giving a reception for the wife of the District Governor, running a Baked Goods Sale at Pancake Day, running the  Holiday Gift Table at the Holiday Auction, serving as hostesses at eight nursing home programs, participating in Work Night at Camp Haccamo and assisting at the Easter Seals Telethon.


DONALD BRICK was elected thirty-first Club President.

Chuck Turner received the Annual Citizens Award.

The Club moved from the Renaissance Restaurant to the Crystal Barn to Market Place Inn.

POLIO PLUS pledges amounted to $25,000.

Allan (Scotty) Law was made a Paul Harris Fellow.

Pancake Day raised $6,000, Easter Seals $8,000 and Holiday Auction $3,500.

The Club lost two good friends, who passed— Dean Johnson and Bill Madgwick— both will be sorely missed.

The Club sponsored Mieke Coe as a Youth Exchange Student.

Reachout Radio Service involved several Club members.

The Club served Easter Seals by placing follow-up phone calls from the RG&E building.

International Students were entertained at Jewish Community Center, for play and a reception.

Governors-Nominee and hosts were entertained at dinner as part of the Governor-Nominee Hospitality Program.

Women of Rotary were active under the leadership of Dottie Frankel.


CHARLES CHAPIN was elected thirty-second Club President.

The Club moved from MarketPlace Inn to Glendoveers Party House.

Haskell Rosenberg received the Annual Citizens Award.

Five new members were inducted: Jack Gallagher, G. Sypula, N. Kaufman, S. McMillan, and S. Baechtold.

Pancake Day raised $4,500 ($300 from Women of Rotary) and $14,800 for Easter Seals, with D. Brick as Chairman, Chuck & Marian Turner as Co-Chairs.

Ron Brand, Chairman, had the Club marshalling at LPGA and working at concessions.

The Club contributed funds to the Town Library, AIDS, Alzheimers, Strong Memorial Birth Defects, Brighton Ambulance, the Diabetes Association and the S.O.B.E.R. Program.

Governors-Nominee and hosts were entertained at dinner, as part of the Governor-Nominee Hospitality Program.

The Club hosted Vivienne Wilson, Rotary Exchange Student from New Zealand— the Chapins, Rileys and K. Armer were hosts.

Pete Schwarz, Chairman, ran a successful International Student Night at the Strong Museum.

Seven Paul Harris Fellows were recognized— J. Bishop, Joe. Geary, Sunny. Rosenberg, Haskell. Rosenberg, A. Wolfe, V. Frankel, and Cathrine Geary.

Ted Altier moderated a debate between candidates J. Morelle and Pinny Cooke.

Milt Matthews, PDG, and editor of ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, won the Best Bulletin Award at the District Conference in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


DUNCAN KENNEDY was elected thirty-third Club President.

Anderson Cabin at Camp Haccamo had a bath and storage extension.

The Camp Haccamo train building received a new roof with monies from the Ken Anderson Fund.

Tom Jones, Brighton High School Principal, received the Annual Citizen of the Year Award for promoting the Easter Seal Run-A -Thon.

Three new members joined the Club— K. Morris, C. Adler, and D. Morgenstern.

Bill Sheldon led the 175th “Celebration with a Flare” parade and work concession tents July 2-4 for the Town of Brighton, with help from S.O.B.E.R.

George Anthony ran a “Reunion Night” with Past-President Rae Clark, with 25 past members returning for fellowship & fun.

Clark Wackerman organized first Rinky Dink Miniature Golf Tournament, with proceeds going to Easter Seals-raised $2,000.

Chuck Turner organized a Haiti Clothes Project, with 640 lbs. of clothes for Bill Larsen— Bill was later made a Paul Harris Fellow by Ted Altier.

Tom Wahl ran the Annual Pancake Day , raising a record $6,399.

Ron Little had M.D.C. Night for 140 Group Home residents ,with 37 counselors, at the Country Party House with dinner and dancing to a disc jockey.

Jim Bishop and Pete Sear ran the Holiday Auction and raised $4,500.

Chuck Chapin arranged the 21st Hospitality Dinner for 14 international District Governor Nominee guests, as part of the Governor-Nominee Hospitality Program.

seinfeld-image1Chuck Chapin ran Easter Seals drive that raised $18,712.

Jim Bishop started “Sunshine” group to plant 132 bushes and trees at ARC. Cleaned up Larry Luescher’s garage.

Pete Schwarz ran International Student Guest Night at the George Eastman House for 27 students and spouses— dinner was catered.

Haskell Rosenberg ran the Paul Harris Fellow Awards Program, with awards made to Don Brick and Bill Larsen.

The Club mourned the deaths of George Coryell and retired Past President Nat Quick.

Ron Brand led the LPGA marshalling and concession volunteers, raising $13,600 for Camp Haccamo.


PETER SEAR was elected the 34th Club President.

New members initiated were Kevin Crerand, Mike Douglass, Dave Huggins, Don Kennedy, Stephen Mowers, Randall Robinson, Kathy Rucinski, and Eugene Schneider.

The Club flipped our own flapjacks at Pancake Day and barely kept up with the crowds— Bill Hessel & Tom Wahl flipped!

The Holiday Auction under Don Brick’s leadership; Paul Harris Night under Scotty Law’s; and Governor Nominee Night under Chuck Chapin’s were all well attended and enjoyed.

A record number of MDC clients and staff danced the night away at the Community Service Dinner and Dance under Ron Little, Chairman.

The weekly staffing of the S.O.B.E.R. Barn was awarded a District Community Service Award.

The International Student Night held at the Planetarium, under Pete Schwarz as Chairman, won a first place District International Service Award.

The Club repeated its record level of participation in Easter Seals under Duncan Kennedy.

A record level of Club participation was reached in working to support the Rochester LPGA.

The Club, under Chairman Joe Geary, selected Robert Melech as its Citizen of the Year, for his work in starting the S.O.B.E.R. program.

A wide diversity of programs were enjoyed each week thanks to the efforts of Program Chairman Tom Wahl.


ROBERT A. PENTY was elected 35th Club President.

Seven new members were initiated into service— Mark Crance, Rick Harrison, Rick Levin, Richard Mackey, Gary Pratt, Robert Schiller and Rev. George Ulp.

The Club celebrated its 35th Anniversary at the Monroe Golf Club.

The Community Service Award was established for junior and senior high school students in Brighton schools, with a $500 award to be given annually to the student who has demonstrated the greatest community service— Megan Clifford of Mercy High School was the first recipient.

Sarah Davis from England was hosted in the Rotary Youth Exchange Program.

jurassic-park-novelThe Club raised a record in dollar sales at Pancake Day held morning, noon, and night, under Chairman Chuck Turner and Jim Bishop started a new 25-25-50 raffle.

Don Brick ran a very successful Holiday Auction.

The Club again raised funds for Easter Seals under direction of Peter Sear.

During the Holidays, the Club delivered food baskets to the needy with help from the Salvation Army.

Paul Harris Nights, under the direction of Carl Matthews, awarded Paul Harris Fellowsips to Edmund Case, Dr. Michael Hirsh, Frank Szakos and Joyce Wackerman. Multiple Service Awards made to Milt Matthews, PDG; Frank Szakos and Dr. “Scotty” Law.

The Governor Nominee Hospitality Program was again successfully organized by Chuck Chapin.

The Club held a successful International Night at the Strong Museum.

The Club hosted the District Assembly at Brighton High School, under direction of Chuck Turner, with 400 Rotarians from District 7120 attending.

The Club won three awards— 1st Place in Section One -Club Bulletins for ˝On the Bright Side;” 1st Place for Vocational Service for distributing 15,000 Four-Way Test book marks in the Libraries in the Community and 3rd Place in International Service for hosting the Governor Nominee Hospitality Program.

Dr. Scotty Law was selected as Citizen of the Year, with the program under the direction of Dr. Joe Geary (Irondequoit Country Club).

In combination with the Special Olympics, the Club hosted 120 clients from the MDC Group Homes at RIT, with a performance by Up with People— the event was arranged by Ron Little.

With the help of Club members, Kathy Rucinski organized the duty service at the SOBER Barn on Tuesday nights.

Once again the Club helped at the LPGA by marshalling at the 15th and 16th holes, and in many other duties involved with making this a successful event.


PETER SCHWARZ was elected 36th Club President.

New members initiated were Judy Bianchi, Allen T. Hawn, David A. Pogal, and Nancy McWilliams.

VogueItalia1992September_phStevenMeiselThe Club mourned the deaths of George Anthony, Don Hershey, and Richard Mack.

Guest speakers included Meghan Clifford, our first Community Service Award recipient; Neal Kissel, our eighth Rotary Foundation Fellow en-route to Australia for graduate study and John Grimm, Rotary Ambassador who was on his way to Australia for graduate study at the University of Melbourne.

The Club made two Community Service Awards of $500 each to: Ellen Shustorovich, BHS, and Jonathan Maurer, McQuaid.

Paul Harris Fellows were awarded to Jim Clark, Peter Sear, Marion Turner, Duncan Kennedy, Arlie Anderson, Bernice Clark— Carl Matthews chaired the event.

This year’s Citizen of the Year was Marion Brown.

The Club assisted in the first INCREDI-BOWL bowling contest, with proceeds to support the Nursing Scholarship Program for Camp Haccamo

The Ken Anderson Cabin at Camp Haccamo needed a handicapped access ramp to meet new standards, and after a Saturday workday by Clark Wackerman, Carl Matthews, and Peter Sear, plus regular Haccamo work nights by members the job was completed.

Members work as part of the Club's Adopt-A-Highway commitment.

Members work as part of the Club’s Adopt-A-Highway commitment.

To help the environment, the Club joined the Adopt-A-Highway program and did its first cleanup of Brighton’s Monroe Avenue and agreed to a two-year commitment for clean-up two times a year.

On Arbor Day the Club planted a 15′ tree in the Brighton Town Park in memory of George Anthony.

The Governor Nominee Hospitality Program, chaired by Chuck Chapin, won the District’s 3rd Place for International Service.

Thirteen Governor Nominee’s from twelve countries were hosted as part of the Governor Nominee Hospitality Program.

Bulletin Editor Milt Matthews won the District’s 3rd Place for Best Club Bulletin (clubs 50+).

The Club was one of six clubs in the District to receive a “1992-1993 Presidential Citation for achieving a well-balanced program in all Four Avenues of Rotary Service.”


Ed Case and Kevin Crerand organized December’s Holiday Basket Delivery event.

Under Tom Wahl’s direction, the Club served over 900 at Pancake Day netting $7,700.

Jack Gallagher chaired the Holiday Auction, and with the help of auctioneers Jim Bishop, Don Brick, Rich Levin, Bill Moehle, Steve Mowers, Gary Pratt, Bob Schiller, Peter Sear, and Tom Wahl, the Club raised over $4,000.

Ron Brand kept the entire club involved in this year’s LPGA.

Peter Sear moderated the political debate between State Senatorial candidates Richard Dollinger, Ralph Quattrociocchi, and Tracey Long.

Forty-six members and guests cruised the Genesee on the Sam Patch— the event was arranged by Clark Wackerman.

Bob Penty chaired the Club’s Easter Seals activities, raising $14,100 from the Telethon, volleyball, softball, walkathon, and auction.

Past President Bob Penty became a U.S. Citizen in January, Jene Penty found the magicians for Kids Night and Clark Wackerman brought the Amerks.

Steve Mowers ran another successful International Night, with 25 students from 13 countries as our guests.

Maestro Don Brick, with help from Duncan Kennedy, led the kids and us at the Camp Haccamo Sing-A-Long.


RONALD A. LITTLE was elected 37th President.

Ron’s focus was on membership development, attendance, “hands-on” service projects and a renewed focus on Camp Haccamo.

The Club mourned the loss of Bill Donnelly, who had been a member for 26 years.

Nine new members were inducted but unfortunately, 14 were lost through death and attrition.

Service projects included organizing the Special Olympics softball tournament, a senior citizens canal cruise, adopt-a-highway, working for Food-Link, delivering holiday baskets, ARC “55 Alive” classes and a work night at Camp Haccamo.

Our Rotary Information Team, consisting of Judy Bianchi, Carl Matthews and Bill Moehle, won District 7120 contest.

Past District Governor Milt Matthews was honored for the 25th Anniversary of the Governor Nominee Hospitality Program, that he established in 1970.

As of the Governor Nominee Hospitality Program, the Club entertained 14 DGNs.

Other activities to promote international understanding included hosting students from Austria, learning about South Africa from our Rotary Youth Exchange Student, Nadia Moosa, entertaining the Group Study Exchange Team from Scotland and corresponding with the Brighton Rotary Club of Australia.

Paul Harris Fellowships were awarded to Jack Gallagher, Bill Hessel, Mike Riley, Pete & Elaine Schwarz and Tom Wahl.

The Club’s first Rotary Youth Leadership Award was made to Stephen Moore.

Michael Miller, Family Court Judge & Past Brighton Rotary President, was named Brighton Rotary Citizen of the Year.

The District Conference was held in Hershey, PA, where Dr. Alan “Scottie” Law was awarded a plaque for his work with the Ambassador Scholarship Program, PDG Milt Matthews was awarded first place for the best club bulletin and Pete Schwarz made a great display of Club activities.

Brighton students sang to the Club as a thank you for making opera available to them.

The Community Service Award went to Beth Ann Diodato from our Lady of Mercy High School.

The Club did an outstanding job in its fund raising efforts— Pancake Day, Holiday Auction, Easter Seals, & LPGA.


JAMES H. BISHOP was elected as 38th President

Jim stressed a refocus on the basics of Rotary and the year’s motto “BE FRIEND.”

District Governor Bob Hunt and wife Cindy celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary with The Club during the Governor’s annual visit.

The Club enjoyed the annual Camp Haccamo Night with the campers.

The Club was hosted at Pete Sear’s business, Ritter Restorations, during October Vocational Month.

The Adopt-A-Highway program became a regular feature of the Club year, and members were assisted by the NYS Department of Youth.

The Club purchased new containers for use at bus stops on Monroe Avenue, to be maintained by the youth.

Once again Pancake Day was a great success and moneymaker— Bill Sheldon served as Chair and featured “Pancakes with the Stars (each team prepared a video to promote the “day”).

The Club mourned the passing of Ed Wilkerson, Past President.

A “Share the Rotarian Magazine Program” was started with the community— copies from members were circulated in offices, libraries, etc., with labels that indicated how to obtain more information about Rotary.

The Club helped Easter Seals with softball and walk-a-thons, raising $13,000, and President Jim and his daughter Caroline made the presentation on TV.

The Club was entertained by the BHS Barons and Baronettes, and we sponsored their visitation to the opera.

Again, holiday baskets were distributed to the needy.

The Holiday Auction raised $3,000 for Camp Haccamo and was lots of fun.

The Halpern Education Center was about to lose their holiday party, and the Club came to their rescue by coordinating the party with Webster Rotary.

Our 26th Annual Governor Nominee Hospitality Night hosted six Governor nominees from England, Denmark, The Netherlands, USA, Australia, and New Zealand at a party in Mt. Morris.

New Paul Harris Fellows were honored— Bob Penty, Jean Locus, Ron Little and Louise Chapin.

The Club honored Jack Gallagher as Citizen of the Year for his service in all community activities— Haskell Rosenberg chaired the great evening’s program.

Twelve members attended the District Conference in Baltimore, where Pete Schwarz won second place in the display contest.

This year, the Club enjoyed having Devrim Altinoz, exchange student from Turkey.

Putting up LPGA Parking Signs one nice June Monday evening.

Putting up LPGA Parking Signs one nice June Monday evening.


RONALD L.BRAND was elected 39th Club President.

Many projects were accomplished in the year. Along with the Webster Club we supplied Camp Haccamo with a new heating/air-conditioning unit for the main building.

This year’s Club projects were ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY, the BHS Senior BASH, Little League, BHS Football programs, and Holiday Baskets for the needy.

With help from Channel 12 TV the Club broadcast a debate on the County Executive and Legislature.

And members worked at the local Food Bank and participated in several events with Special Olympics and Easter Seals such as Softball–Volleyball and D7120 Golf Tournament.

Membership increased and the Club ended the year with 52 Active Members.

Pancake Day was profitable under Co-Chairs. Bob Parker and Dave Pogal.

The 27th Governor.Nominee Hospitality Program hosted 9 Governors from 7 countries.

Two new Paul Harris Fellows were honored— A. Hawn and D. Della Penta and Rabbi Judea Miller was honored posthumously as Citizen of the Year.

Nine members attended the District 7120 Conference at the Granit Hotel in the Catskills.

Programs were excellent and included a joint meeting at the Airport with the Honeoye Falls Club

All in all, it was a Great year as we followed the R.I. Theme of “Act with Integrity-Serve with Love-and Serve with Peace”.