rotaryclubofbrighton | 1976 – 1985. The Club matures.

1976 – 1985. The Club matures.

The third decade of the Rotary Club of Brighton saw an Olympics essentially in our own back

yard, followed by the infamous Moscow Olympics,  boycotted by the United States because the

Soviet Union failed to withdraw its troops from Afganistan. That fiasco, and the more disastrous

Iran Hostage Crisis, sunk Jimmy Carter’s re-election bid and put an actor in the White House.

Closer to home, the Club refurbished a school bus and donated it to the Town to provide

transportation for seniors and the disabled, built a successful with Easter Seals  that raised

tens of thousands for children and adults with disabilities, built fireplaces in the new lodge at

Brighton Park as a 25th anniversary gift to the Town and began what has become an ongoing,

substantial commitment to Rotary’s Polio Eradication Campaigns.


KENNETH ANDERSON was elected twentieth Club President.

Pancake Day, Christmas Auction and the BRA Sale were fundraisers.

John Petrossi and George Anthony were made Paul Harris Fellows.

The “Women of Brighton Rotary” was activated for the wives of Rotarians.

George Anthony received the Annual Citizens Award.

A contribution of $500 was made to activate the Senior Citizens Outreach Program.

Nine new members were inducted into the Club.

The Club sponsored a Hockey Night, and a Red Wings Night for Club members.

The Club supported Brighton Little League with a $300 donation.

International guests were hosted at the Annual International Night.


CLARK WACKERMAN was elected twenty-first Club President.

The Club refurbished a school bus & donated it to the Town of Brighton for use of senior citizens & disabled persons.

Club members raised $4,000 for Annual Easter Seal Telethon.

Bob Vincent was made a Paul Harris Fellow.

Painting at Haccamo.

Painting at Haccamo.

Club members spent two work nights at Camp Haccamo painting exterior of Lodge.

Tom Hanna received the Annual Citizens Award.

The Club donated $400 for cardio-pulmonary resuscitation “Annie” for the Heart Association.

Five new members were inducted into the Club.

The Club purchased eyeglasses for two needy individuals in the Brighton area.

Debates were sponsored between Town government candidates and between State Legislature candidates.


WILLIAM LOCUS was elected twenty-second Club President.

Club received a gift of $1,973.82 from Dean & Myrtle Johnson with proceeds to benefit Camp Haccamo.

Ten new members were inducted into the Club.

Cy Tucker was made a Paul Harris Fellow.

Club members worked on several jobs handling concessions and marshalling at the LPGA Tournament.

Ted Altier received the Annual Citizens Award.

International Night was held at the George Eastman House, with Volney Frankel, Chairman.

The Club raised over $9,000 for Easter Seal Telethon with Clark Wackerman, Chair.

George & Marie Coryell were presented with a plaque for 20 years of service at Pancake Day.

The Club donated $1,000 to the 1979 Handicapped Olympics.

Two political debates were held, with Ted Altier as Moderator.


DONALD GEISER was elected twenty-third Club President.

The 75th Anniversary of Rotary was celebrated with Milt Matthews as Chairman.

The Club donated $1,500 to the Rotary International 3-H Program and $1,000 to the new Brighton Library.

Ladies Night was held with the original founders of Rotary— Paul Harris, Gus Loehr, Silvester Schiele, and Hiram Shorey were impersonated by Club members dressed in 1905 costumes— all were inducted into the Club. They started Rotary and were never inducted.

Charles Brelsford was made a Paul Harris Fellow.

Monsignor Les Whalen received the Annual Citizens Award.

In recognition of the millions of hungry people of the world, bread and water were served on the Health-Hunger and Humanity Day with the meal money going to the 3-H Program.

Governor-Nominees, with hosts, were entertained at Burgandy Basin Inn, as part of the Governor-Elect Hospitality Program— Milt Matthews was Chairman.

Bruce Proper and Volney Frankel served as Co-chairmen for LPGA Club activities.


PATRICK WALSH was elected twenty-fourth Club President.

Ken Anderson was made a Paul Harris Fellow.

Club members erected new Rotary signs at the Brighton limits.

Mike Miller organized the Red Cross Blood Drive— with 25 donors from Club.

Ken Anderson died on March 23, 1980. Friends of Ken along with his Hickory Farms Company throughout the nation pledged $25,000 to the Club for changes and additions to Camp Haccamo in his memory. In addition, $10,000 from his Will was given to provide ten additional Paul Harris Awards.

1101800728_400Clark Wackerman, Chair, with assistance from the Club, raised $14,500 for Easter Seals.

Ken Geiwitz received the Annual Citizens Award.

Twenty-five members attended District 712 Conference at Grossingers.

The Club hosted a Norwegian Group Study Team for a week.

Twenty new members were inducted into the membership— a record.


NATHANIAL QUICK was elected twenty-fifth Club President.

The twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Club was celebrated at Burgundy Basin Inn.

A special Rotary Club “Sale” organized by Wackerman and Walsh, netting $2,066.

Velma Anderson was made a Paul Harris Fellow by the Club.

As a result of the bequest by Ken Anderson, the following members were made Paul Harris Fellows: Ken Geiwitz, Don Hershey, Clark Wackerman, Ted Altier, Carl Matthews and Bill Locus.

International Night was held at the Rochester City Hall, with Bob Swart as Chairman.

Pat Walsh raised $11,234 for the Easter Seal Telethon with help from Club members.

The Club donated $2,920 to build the fireplaces in the new lodge at Brighton Park, as a 25th Anniversary gift to the Town of Brighton.


EDMUND CASE was elected twenty-sixth Club President.

The Club honored George Coryell, Bob Swart, Larry Luescher, and Pat Walsh as Paul Harris Fellows at the Monroe Club.

International Night was held at the Rochester Museum & Science Center— per Eleanor Pope, International Friendship Council, since 1967 the Club had entertained 714 overseas students from 85 countries.

The Club raised $9,658 for the Easter Seals Telethon.

Bill Farrell received the Annual Citizens Award.

Bruce Proper and Chuck Chapin were co-chairs for the LPGA Club activities.

The First Ken Anderson Community Project involved hosting the residents of 12 Development Center Group Homes at the Planetarium, with Ron Little as Chairman.

Governor-Nominees and hosts were entertained at dinner at the Burgundy Basin Inn, as part of the Governor-Nominee Hospitality Program,  with Milt Matthews as Chairman.

Contributions were made to Little League, Pop Warner Football, Easter Seals, Brighton High School Youth Service, Student to United Nations and World Community Service, as well as usual Club contributions to Camp Haccamo.


VOLNEY B. FRANKEL was elected twenty-seventh Club President.

The Holiday Auction at Valley Echo raised $2,100 from members and friends.

25,000 bookmarks printed with the Four-Way Test were placed in the libraries in Town.

Clients in Development Center Group Homes were entertained with a slide show presented by Ray Beaucaire, Dennis Sugumele, and Hal Bayer, at the Museum.

Ken Geiwitz chaired the second Ken Anderson Night.

The Senior Citizens Committee ran a bus trip to Corning Glass for the visually impaired.

“Bud” Rusitsky received the Annual Citizens Award.

Jacquie Walker and Bill Harper were made Paul Harris Fellows.

Laura Cohen was awarded a Rotary Foundation Scholarship for study in Ireland.

The Club welcomed the Group Study Team from Australia for the first week of their visit.

Milt Matthews, Bill Kelliher, and Jim Clark were commissioned to design and build a podium with an audio system for use in Club meetings— equipment badly needed.

Brighton Rotary Service Foundation was chartered to accept gifts for the Club’s community and charitable services.


MICHAEL A. MILLER was elected twenty-eighth Club President.

One third of the Club membership donated blood at the Red Cross Blood Drive.

Bruce Proper and Warren Hastings died— both will be missed.

Five new members were inducted into membership.

Student guests from local schools spoke at Club meetings.

The Club sponsored a Brighton High School senior, Jennifer McCormick, to study in Finland in August 1985 and agreed to sponsor a student from Brazil in 1986.

Ira Morris, Helen Matthews, and Bill Madgwick were made Paul Harris Fellows.

Pancake Day and the Holiday Auction were both financial successes.

We participated in the Easter Seal Telethon and helped to make it a big success.


CHARLES S. TURNER was elected twenty-ninth Club President.

Pancake Day raised $4,900, the Holiday Auction $4,600; and Theater Night at the Jewish Community Center $1,000.

Eight new members were inducted into membership.

The Club Bulletin, renamed ˝ON THE BRIGHT SIDE” won Best Bulletin Award at District Conference

We mourned the deaths of two well-known friends— Carolyn Law and Bob Vincent.

Gracinha Colozio, the Club’s exchange student from Brazil, was hosted by Levins and Rileys.

Faith Anthony and Eleanor Pope were made Paul Harris Fellows, and Maude Harris assisted!

Sara Krusenstjerna won the Rotary Foundation Scholarship for study in Scotland.

The Club constructed the Ken Anderson Cabin at Camp Haccamo and hosted Annual Community Resident’s Dinner.

The meeting place of the Club changed to Sugar Daddy’s Restaurant.

Governor Nominees and their hosts were entertained at a dinner meeting.

The Club contributed funds to the Mali Hunger Program, Bethany House, the Bamako Child Medical Program and POLIO 2005.

Carl Matthews received the Annual Citizens Award.

Women of Brighton Rotary were active preparing a cookbook, ”Keys to Good Cooking˝ which won a Club Service Award at the District Conference.

Women of Brighton Rotary assisted at Pancake Day, at Camp Haccamo, the Gift Table at the Holiday Auction and hosted the wife of District Governor.

Len Levin, Editor of the Club Bulletin, ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, won Best Bulletin Award at the District Conference in Niagara Falls, NY.