rotaryclubofbrighton | 1966 – 1975. A decade of growth.

1966 – 1975. A decade of growth.

The second decade of the Rotary Club of Brighton saw the high of Neil Armstrong’s “Giant Leap for

Mankind” and the low of Nixon resigning from the Presidency in disgrace, the end of the Vietnam

War and the rise of a peanut farmer from Plains, GA. With this as a backdrop, the Club grew in

membership and influence. Sponsoring the new Irondequcit Rotary Club, under Milt Matthews’

direction. Holding the first International Tea, for foreign students from 15 countries attending area

colleges. The dedication of the Camp Haccamo pool. The election of Past President, Milt Matthews

as District Governor for the 1971-72 Rotary year. And the construction of the covered “Bridge” that

housed Camp Haccamo’s gas-powered miniature train.


KENNETH GEIWITZ was elected the tenth Club President.

Brighton Rotary sponsored the new Irondequoit Rotary Club under the direction of the District Governor’s Representative, Milt Matthews.

The first International Tea, for foreign students from 15 countries attending area colleges, was held at the home of John Kendall.

Antonio Miralles from Oruro, Bolivia, a Rotary Foundation Technical Award Student, was hosted by the Club while he studied at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Fourteen new members joined under direction of Elmer Smith, Membership Chairman.

Pancake Day, Fruitcake Sales, and Gas Day combined for financial success.

The Senior Party for Brighton High School students was held at Perkins Swim Club.

The 10th Anniversary of the Club was celebrated with a reception at the Inter-City Meeting at the Chamber of Commerce.

Austin Truitt received the Annual Citizens Award.

The Camp Haccamo swimming pool was dedicated in memory of Dave Bayse.


MILTON C. MATTHEWS was elected the eleventh Club President.

An International Tea for 100 Rotarians and foreign students from 15 countries was held at the home of Marc Barbour.

The Rotarian of the Week appeared in each issue of the Brighton Pittsford Post.

The first two 100% meetings in the Club history were held.

The Club enjoyed the first “Backwards Meeting” in 63 years of Rotary History.

Hy Friedman received the Annual Citizens Award.

Past-Presidents’ Night was a howling success— in disguise.

Behind the scenes.

Behind the scenes.

The first Christmas Auction was held with Andy Mungo, Auctioneer— $350 was raised for the kids at Camp Haccamo.

David Cross won the Rotary Foundation Fellowship for study in England.

Elissa Bell was the first exchange student sponsored by Brighton Rotary to attend school in Brighton, England. Sally Cuttress from Brighton, England, attended Brighton High School.

The Club enjoyed “Who Are You” programs from every member.

Four-Way Test Book Covers were donated to all Brighton High School students.

The Annual Family Picnic was held at Jim Clark’s farm.


THEODORE ALTIER was elected twelfth Club President.

Bart Gordon won the Rotary Foundation Fellowship for study in England.

A decision to consolidate all moneymaking events into two major events wins support— Pancake Day and Gas Day were the big money makers.

Sylvia Kaplan received the Annual Citizens Award.

The Club moved its meeting site from the “Statement” (formerly Pilgrims Landing) to the Maplewood Inn.

A Club meeting exchange with Burlington, Ontario, Rotary Club was initiated.

The most successful Christmas Auction ever was held, with “Hamp” Burnett, Auctioneer.

The Club sponsored Sally Cutress, Brighton, England, as our exchange student.

The Club contributed to improvements at the Brighton Twelve Corners Triangle.



MARCUS BARBOUR was elected thirteenth Club President.

The Club moved its meeting site from Maplewood Inn to the Pittsford Tavern on the Mall.

The Christmas Auction raised money for dish dryers at Camp Haccamo.

Project “3150” launched; and a pamphlet was sent to all Brighton families with emergency numbers.

The Club hosted the Leadership Forum for District 7120 presidents and secretaries.

The Youth Service Award was presented to Brighton High School senior, Grant Fish, for his service.

Past President, Milt Matthews, was elected District 7120 Governor-Nominee for 1971-1972.

Don Cialgia received the Annual Citizens Award.

The first Barn Sale raised money for the Al Sigl Dental Laboratory Center.

The Club sponsored an Inter-City Little League Team in the Third Ward.

The Club exchanged trips with the Burlington, Ontario, Rotary Club.


EDWIN WILKERSON was elected fourteenth Club President.

The Annual Gas Day was combined with a Countywide Gas Day to raise funds for Camp Haccamo.

Senior Citizens joined in one of our regular meetings.

The Annual Christmas Auction, with Auctioneer Milt Matthews, raised $607 to rebuild Jeep @ Bethany Home: BRIGHTON BUS.

An International Tea held was at Marc Barbour’s home, with 30 overseas students attending— the following week they were guests at a dinner with entertainment at Rochester Museum-Strassenburg Planetarium.

A Soap Box Derby Kit was presented to the Hillside Children’s Center.

Glen Rockcastle received the Annual Citizens Award for his humanitarian activities.

Past-President Milt Matthews was elected District 7120 Governor for 1971-1972 at the International Convention in Sydney, Australia.

The second Barn Sale netted over $3,000 for Camp Haccamo and other charitable projects.


MILT-GOVJOHN J. PETROSSI was elected fifteenth Club President.

The Annual Gas Day was combined with 13 other county Rotary Clubs to raise funds for Camp Haccamo.

Pancake Day and Fruitcake Sales were most successful.

The Christmas Auction, under Auctioneer, Andy Mungo, yielded $700 for Bethany Home.

A great “FUN NIGHT” was held at Jim Clark’s “Fun Center Farm” with all the gang.

Milt Matthews, PDG, received the Annual Citizens Award for service activities.

The Club decided hereafter to have a President-Elect— a good idea.

The Club had a 100% attendance meeting through the efforts of Scotty Law.

The Club supported District Governor, Milt Matthews, at the District 7120 Conference held April 28-30, 1972, at Host Farms, Lancaster, PA.


ALLAN R. LAW was elected sixteenth Club President.

The “Bridge” at Camp Haccamo built by Club members to house the gas-powered miniature train. This covered bridge is alongside a stream, rather than over it!

A picnic at Jim Clark’s farm was enjoyed by the entire Club and their families— with fun on the tractor, hay wagon, and miniature train.

Mrs. F. Ritter Shumway received the Annual Citizens Award.

“Service Above Self” awards were made to Rotarians Jim Clark, Bob Vincent, John Petrossi and Marc Barbour.

Elmer Smith led a team of Club members weekly to rebuild a home damaged by floods as a result of Hurricane Agnes in the town of Painted Post, NY.

At the griddle.

At the griddle.

The Club visited the New Life Homes Project run by Glen Rockcastle for homeless boys, located in Bath, NY.

Brighton Rotary Annual Sale (known by all as the BRA Sale) raised $2,900 for Camp Haccamo with Clark Wackerman, Chairman.


FRED DITIRRO was elected seventeenth Club President.

The West Brighton Youth Center was given $700 for playground fencing.

The Club supported the Brighton Little League with a contribution of $200.

Club members and their wives visited Toronto for a weekend trip.

The Club presented the Brighton Library with $300 for the purchase of books and special contributions in honor of Austin/Nellie Truitt and Elmer/Erna Smith.

Marc Barbour received the Annual Citizens Award.

Scout Troop #116 was presented with camping equipment.

The BRA Sale netted $2,700 profit, and both Pancake Day and Fruitcake Sales very profitable.

A new dishwasher was donated to Camp Haccamo.

Dr. Henry Crawford, Honorary Member, donated profits from his paintings to Camp Haccamo.

The International Tea was held at Barbours’ home, followed by dinner and a program at the Museum & Science Center.


CARL MATTHEWS was elected eighteenth Club President.

Pancake Day was a WOW!, with 1301 served and a profit of $1,620.

Brighton Rotarians, on their birthdays, donated $250 to Brighton Library for books.

Seven new members were added to Club membership.

The BRA Sale netted over $2,000 for Camp Haccamo.

John Petrossi received the Annual Citizens Award.

The Club underwrote a group from Brighton High School to attend the Mini-United Nations Seminar at Harvard.

A new stainless steel grill donated to Camp Haccamo.

Nine members attended the Rochester Inter-City Dinner, to hear R.I. President Bill Robbins.

The Club supported Brighton Little League with a $200 donation.

A joint meeting was held with the Brighton Chamber of Commerce, with Mrs. Kenneth Ross as speaker.


ROBERT SWART was elected the nineteenth Club President.
Milt Matthews was made the Club’s first Paul Harris Fellow for his service to Rotary— both the Club an the District.

The Club attended a “Dixie” sendoff dinner for Marc/Kay Barbour at Monroe Country Club, as they let to settle in Virginia.

The Andy Mungo Memorial Fund was established to honor his life of Service Above Self. His aquarium was purchased bythe Club and presented to Camp Haccamo.

1403551_759322000760080_1524792470_oThe Bethany Home received a $500 donation from the Club in memory of Glen Rockcastle.

International Night was hosted by the Club at the Marine Midland Plaza.

John McNabb received the Annual Citizens Award.

A portrait of Oliver Culver, first Supervisor of Brighton, was presented to Town officials for display in the Town Hall.