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Description of what Rotary Club of Brighton does, putting Service Above Self into action, a list of Club service projects
Rotary Club of Brighton, Service Above Self, how we make a real difference, making a real difference

What We Do

Putting Service Above Self Into Action

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Ripples. That create change. They can radiate from the simplest of actions. Actions, which like our service, take many forms. And yes, sometimes it’s a check. To help a worthy cause, like Easter seals. But 90% of the time it’s a hands-on opportunity to make a real difference. And sometimes that difference happens close to home. Other times it happens half a world away. Either way, in whatever we do, we make an impact at a level you would expect from a Club twice our size. Creating ripples in lives in the far corners of the world, and just around the corner. Yes, we’re passionate. About causes that change lives for the better. And we’re no strangers to hard work. Or long hours— we are business people, after all. But we also know how to put a serious effort in. And still have fun. That’s where the fellowship part comes in. You see, we love making a difference for others. But we get more out of making that difference together.

Club Projects

  • Bringing Brighton History Back to Life. Here, we partnered with the Town of Brighton and State of New York to restore this Brighton landmark, the last remaining house built of Buckland Company brick. Essentially abandoned, it had fallen into disrepair, and now, post-restoration, it is a vibrant meeting place for many community organizations.
  • Enabling Bhubaneshwar to Bank On Its Life Blood. Here, we partnered with our sister Rotary Club in Bhubaneshwar, India, to build Crissi Province’s first blood bank.
  • Bringing the Power of Photography to Turkey. Here, we partnered with the Bayrampassa-Istanbul Rotary Club on a project called “4 Schools – 40 Students” to introduce students to the magic of photography.
  • Spreading Hospitality Around the World. Here, as we have each year for over 30 years, we bring two dozen, sometimes more, Rotary District Governors-Elect from as far away as Australia here Western New York, District 7120, for a relaxing week before the hard work of Governors-Elect training begins in Anaheim, CA.
  • Being a Trusted Link for Foodlink. Here, we spend two evenings a year sorting donated food by category, for instance, canned vegetables, canned fruit, cereal, baking goods, etc.
  • Helping Make Developing Countries Healthier. Here, we regularly volunteer at Intervol, sorting and repackaging donated medical supplies for distribution to Third World counties.
  • A Long History of Enabling Disabled Kids. Here, we regularly volunteer Camp Haccamo, one of two area summer camps run by area Rotary clubs providing a week-long camp experience to physically and mentally disabled kids.
  • Helping to Accelerate Upward Mobility. Here we sponsor an annual bike donations drive for Rochester Bikes, a local group that collects used bicycles, refurbishes them, then donates them to needy kids and adults (many of whom need bikes for transportation to work—jobs they couldn’t get to without them)
  • Giving the Gift of Words. Here, we distribute approximately 275 dictionaries to French Road Elementary 3rd Graders each year.
  • Making for a Merrier Holiday. Here, we distribute holiday Gift Bags to YWCA resident single mothers and their families, with food and toys as presents for the kids (sometimes these are the only presents these kids get each year.
  • Teaching Service Above Self. Here, we’ve been sponsoring an Interact Club at Brighton High School for over a decade.
  • An Other Worldly Experience. Here we sponsor two high school junior or senior exchange students one Inbound and one Outbound, each year, providing them with an invaluable year-long educational experience in another culture.