Citizen of the Year/Community Service Award/RYLA Recipients



1962— Dr. Alice Foley, Brighton High School

1963— George E. Gordon, Brighton Town Government

1964— Dr. Henry B. Crawford, MD, Orthopaedic Surgen

1965— Audrey A. Wolfe, Editor, Genesee Valley Newspapers

1966— Richard A. Gilmore, Genesee Valley Paper Company

1967— Dr. Austin H. Truitt, Brighton High School

1968— Hyman Friedman, Shelby Business Forms

1969— Sylvia Kaplan, Al Sigl Center

1970— Brian Ciaglia, Brighton High School

1971— Glen Rochcastle, “New Life Homes”

1972— Milton C. Matthews, PDG, Rotary International, District 7120

1973— Mrs. F. Ritter Shumway, President, Monroe County Board of Health

1974— Marcus N. Barbour, Executive Secretary, Brighton Chamber of Commerce

1975— John Petrossi, Past President, Camp Haccamo

1976— John McNabb, Brighton Citizen

1977— George Anthony, Funeral Director, Brighton, NY

1978— Thomas Hanna, Judge, Town of Brighton, NY

1979— Theodore J. Altier, Civic Leader

1980— Msgr. Leslie G. Whalen, Our Lady of Lourdes Church

1981— Kenneth Geiwitz, Community Activities

1983— William Farrell, Promoter of Area Athletic Events

1984— Harris “Bud” Rusitisky, Civic Leader

1986— Carl Matthews, Master of Service in all Areas

1987— Clark Wackerman, Motivator and Innovator

1988— Charles S. Turner, Leader of Various Charities

1989— Haskell B. Rosenberg, Improved Artistic Life of Commuity

1990— Dr. Thomas M. Jones, Principal, BHS, Promoting Community Service by Students

1991— Robert C. Melech, Organizer of the S.O.B.E.R. Program for Youth

1992— Allen R. Law, MD, Friend, Loyal Rotarian and Dedicated Physician



1993— Marion L. Brown, Town Clerk, Service to Others

1994— Michael J. Miller, A Rare Judge Who Posesses Heart and Head

1995— Jack M. Gallagher, A Civic Leader in All Areas of Service

1996— Rabbi Judea b. Miller (Posthumously), Equal Rights Activist, Interfaith Leader

1997— Peter Finch, Residence Director, Oatka Residential Center

1998— Linda Hampton, Tournament Coordinator, LPGA

1999— Program not held due to sponsorship of District Conference, April-May

2000— Robert M. Pieters, Advocate for People with Developmental Disabilties

2001— Peter D. Schwarz, 30 Years of Rotary Service

2002— Martha Schemammano, Community Involvement

2003— Carol Tometsko, Molding the lives of hundreds of Brighton High’s students

2004— Matha Schemammano, Community Involvement

2005— Tom Vocki, Brighton Police Chief

2006— Jim Morris, Retired Town Judge

2007— Keo Dodd, for his devotion to preserving Brighton’s history

2008— Herb Ross, Brighton resident, for 50 years of community service— fire, department, chamber, scouting & Rotary

2009— Mark Hoyt, Athletic Coach and Teacher, Brighton High School

2010— Rev. W. Kenneth Williams, Gifted Minister and Fire Safety Leader

2011— Sue Gardner Smith, Brighton Farmer’s Market

2012— Judy Schwartz, Community Organizer and Human Rights Activist

2013— Thomas W. Hope III, for a lifetime of service

2015— Julene Gilbert, School Board VP, Brighton Food Cupboard, Brighton Your Wardrobe, plus many other charities

2016— Ron Little, Senior VP of Finance and Agency Development, Heritage Christian Services


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1992— Megan Clifford, Mercy High School

1993— Ellen Shustorovich, Brighton High School

1993— Johnathan Maurer, McQuaid High School

1994— Beth Anne Diodate, Mercy High School

1995— Heidi Johanna Liegert, Mercy High School



1996— Jennifer Leshmower, Brighton High School

1999— Calder Flynn, McQuaid High School

1999— Brendan Whelehan, McQuaid High School

2003— Raj Srinivasan, Brighton High


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1993-1994    Stephen Moore

1995-1996    Jenne Petri

1997-1998    Robert E. Penty



2002-2003    Asmak Abushagur— Brighton High School senior & Interact Club member

2003-2004    Jocelyn Svensouk and Anne-France Pierre

2004-2005    Ethan VanHeerden


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